Tasting Speciality Coffee

The Experience

Created specially for the coffee enthusiast, this online workshop takes your coffee knowledge and your appreciation of coffee to the next level. Learn how processing methods, the conditions of the soil and climate that the coffee beans are grown in give rise to the different flavours distinct to various coffee producing countries.

During the workshop, the team from Mellower Coffee will compare 2-3 single origin coffees and cover the fundamentals of olfaction and gustation.

Together with KrisFlyer and Mastercard, transform your KrisFlyer miles into an enriching experience

The Highlights

This workshop is recommended for those who have their own manual brewing equipment at home and prior knowledge on how to use them. Participants will be sent 3 tins of Mellower Single Origin Coffee, each tin is 200 grams, no home brewing apparatus will be provided.


  • 29 August 2020, 2pm – 3.30pm
  • 4,000 KrisFlyer miles per participant
  • A link to join the online session will be sent separately
  • Participants will get to enjoy a Mastercard promotion
  • Terms & Conditions apply

29 August 2020

Terms & Conditions:
-Redemption is on a first-come, first-served basis.
-The online experience must be redeemed in full using KrisFlyer miles.
-Miles redeemed are non-refundable.
-Members can redeem multiple tickets. 4,000 KrisFlyer miles will be deducted for each redemption.
-After successful registration where miles are deducted, each member will be sent an email with the details of how to join the online session. Members are to follow the instructions on the email to join. This email will be sent at 7 days before the online session.
-Each member will be sent a set of coffee to the mailing address provided after redemption.
-Home brewing kits can only be delivered within Singapore
- A minimum of 10 participants is required per session, otherwise the session will be cancelled, and miles refunded.